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Top 5 Banging Nite Clubs in Port Harcourt

As usual, you know we always have something banging for you every Friday right? Today, we are dealing with Port Harcourt nightlife.

Port Harcourt comes alive in the night time, doubt me?  Try driving past GRA, the numerous clubs you would find there would prove me right.

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From Monday to Sunday, most of these clubs are open for business and no matter how tired people are, they always manage to show up to clubs after work.

Port Harcourt residents love to have fun, they love the night life and club owners have taken advantage of this fact and are making lots of money.

I did a little research and came up with five(5) banging clubs, AKA the happening clubs, the clubs where all the cool kids go to, the ones where you’d probably find a resident celebrity or one visiting town.

Cosmo Lounge

Located at; #2 Chief Edeh close, (behind Next time Supermarket), off Abacha road, GRA PHASE 2.

This is one of Port Harcourt residents’ favorite, always packed to the brim.  Cosmo can boast of hosting over 20 celebrities. They host lots of shows too, from Hennessey artistry parties to masked parties. The lounge boasts of some of the best DJs in town too.

You are guaranteed non-stop dancing from the moment you step into the club till you leave.

Cubana  lounge

Port Harcourt City witnessed the grand opening of this majestic club around august last year (2015). Important people like Gov .Wike and D’banj were all in attendance.

Located at plot F6C, Abacha road GRA, Phase 3. This elaborate club with an airplane interior and waiters dressed as air host and hostess has managed to keep phc residents thrilled, this is the club for the fancy, the rich and famous, the big boys and girls of the city.  If you love the glitz, this is the club for you, ooh, the Djs too… one of the bests, always on fire. N:B: they have really strict bouncers, dress to kill if you plan to visit.

Platinum Club

This club is Located in Presidential hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Port Harcourt. If you want to see a lot of foreigners, you should probably come here. Their Djs are great, the interior is great.  No wonder Port Harcourt residents love it. But this club only opens from Wednesdays to Saturdays. It is an exquisite club on the classy side. You would probably see the older crowd hanging out here more than the other listed clubs.

Joey’s Lounge

One of the new clubs Pitakwa can’t seem to get enough of, located at 29 Apara road. This club is surrounded by a rather serene environment but nothing is serene once you step into the club. Pure fire! Great music, friendly crowd , lots of love in this club, you would probably make a lot of friends here, the young and hip love partying here. The beautiful interior is definitely a plus and you have the choice of staying downstairs or climbing up. You are guaranteed a good time and non-stop fun. Open 24hours.


Located on King Perekule street in GRA Phase 2, this is one of the older and still bubbling clubs in Pitakwa. Lots of nightclubs that opened around the same time as Playhouse are no longer as popular. Playhouse continues to thrive even with the emergence of newer clubs, from Monday to Sunday this club is forever packed, it knows no recession. This is also one of the students’ favorite because it is affordable and boasts of lots of girls. Their DJs are always on point too, you might not get to sit down because of the great music played and the crowd. If you plan to visit this club probably leave your house on time and find a good spot.

All these clubs guarantee you a great time, check them out, you never know the celebrity you’d bump into. Thank me later.

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