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(VIDEO) Institute of Petroleum Studies: University of Port Harcourt

Institute of Petroleum Studies (IPS), University of Port Harcourt is a center for excellence in Petroleum studies in Nigeria. IPS is firmly positioned to meet the training needs of petroleum industry in Nigeria, the Gulf of Guinea and beyond, while contributing to sustainable development.

IPS is a classic success story between the Oil and Gas companies and the academia through effective mentoring and inculcation of the best available technology and software, as well as best operating practices for the young, vibrant and energetic trainees.

This articles informs you of a current opportunity in Port Harcourt that you could look into despite the current fall in crude oil prices. 

The products of trainings at IPS have raised the quality and competence of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry work force.

IPS Core Activities

  • Graduate Training
  • Continuing Professional Education
  • Applied Research
  • Capacity Building

The programmes are executed through 5 Centers of Excellence

  • The Centre for Oil and Gas Technology
  • The Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Environment
  • The Emerald Energy Centre for Petroleum Economic, Policy & Strategic Studies
  • The Centre for ICT
  • The Centre for Energy Studies

The Centre for Oil and Technology offers

  • MSc in Petroleum Engineering and Project Development
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Technology 

For more information visit

The best time to invest and improve your skills is now. Take up that course, learn that skill and apply for that first degree course.

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