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President Buhari, Nigeria’s anti-Corruption President

President Muhammadu Buhari was elected, at this present and trying time,  for one simple reason: to fight corruption in Nigeria. Nothing else. In the various government agencies and parastatals across the country, the fear of Buhari alone sends shivers and icy fingers curling up the spines of the unjust. Many live in constant fear of being caught in corrupt practices. However, while that may be the case, the president nevertheless needs the support of Pitakwa residents and Nigerians as a whole if he is to succeed at this. This article addresses this issue and highlights what should be done in other to bring corruption to the barest minimum in Nigeria. #DoNotFightBuhari, #SupportBuhari, #FightCorruptionInNigeria, #IStandWithBuhari 

The purpose for electing President Mohammadu Buhari at this time is to fight corruption

The purpose of the president’s election and the mainstay of his political campaign was to fight corruption. And it should remain so. Corruption is the main canker worm that is killing the economy and retarding us as a nation from development. It must be eradicated from Nigerian systems. If he achieves this, he has fulfill the mandate given to him by the people.

Fighting Corruption should not be a war, it should be the law that is enforced

The war against corruption is a battle that may take many years to win. War is a very messy business and laws are often disregarded in the pursuit of the harsh justice in war. Disregarding the law, or flaunting it in the effort to prosecute corrupt offenders is in itself a corrupt practice. In this writer’s opinion, fighting corruption by enforcing the law is a better practice. There are many laws in Nigeria against corruption. Our law makers should also update this laws to reflect current realities. However, the message here is to enforce the law on corruption. Where laws are not enforced, the law is powerless. So the Judiciary should be more independent and strengthen now to prosecute offenders without fear or favour.

APC as a party should be corruption free 

There is nobody fighting corruption with stained hands that will succeed . Only the righteous can save the corrupted from their corruption. Charity begins at home. Mr President belongs to the All Progressives Congress (APC) party and as such serves as its first representative. To fight corruption, he should be ready to ensure that his own party – his home, if you will – is first corruption free.


The president must welcome criticism from every Nigerian. This is an advantage in disadvantage. The media must #SupportBuhari in this fight by presenting the views of the people without fear or favour. The media is powerful because its the voice of the people. However, this should be done in Support of the president to fight corruption in Nigeria and bring development to the people.



#DoNotFightBuhari, #SupportBuhari, #FightCorruptionInNigeria, #IStandWithBuhari

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