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Top 5 Lessons Businessmen Can Learn From Governor Nyesom Ezenwo Wike of Rivers State

I Know, right? It was nothing short of a tsunami, the eventual victory of Governor Wike at the Supreme Court; especially after having previously lost at the Election Petition Tribunal and the Appeal Court, everyone was sure there would be a re-run of the governorship election in Rivers State. Considering that Governor Wike’s victory at the Supreme Court was hughly unlikely before the judgement, here are top 5 lessons that this writer thinks businessmen in Port Harcourt and anywhere else can learn from the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike.


You can neither successfully start nor achieve anything, if you do not exactly know what it is that you want to achieve. Vision, is the first key of success. Another thing is, how you are able to communicate your vision to others and then how many people buy-into your vision; this is because nobody can do it alone. Wike is a visionary. He knew exactly what he wanted and he went for it with gusto.


‘I no go gree, I no go gree,’ sometimes na good thing too…See ehh, this life, it does not matter what you want to do, no body said it would ever be easy. There would be battles to fight; fierce oppositions to conquer. An anyhow-person would have given up after the Appeal Court ruling, but, Wike fought on to the Supreme Court where he got victory. When you believe in your self or in your ideas, you don’t give up because you encouter some obstacles, you stay focused and persevere.


I do not know Wike personally, so I do not know whether he is a good man or not; but one thing that I do know is that he has the kind of personality that inspires fear and admiration in his followers.

Build bridges, don’t burn them

In this writer’s opinion, this is where former governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, and former President Goodluck Jonathan lost it. Instead of building bridges, they burnt them. While they were busy burning bridges, Wike was busy mending fences and building stronger bridges with the old power blocks of Rivers politics.
Know your opponents. Know your allies too. Don’t start a war that you will not win.

Here is the thing – no one succeeds alone; not in business, not in politics, not in life, generaly. Your success would depend a whole lot on the relationships that you build. You need people who you can depend on to walk the street and spread your fame abroad under rain or shine when the situation calls for it.

Become an extraordinary strategist

[This is the master stroke] If you are the smartest guy in your team then you have already failed. Often times, a war is not won by muscle or trash talking your opponent, but by deep and strategic thinking. Wike is a strategist – an extra ordinary strategist. What do you think?
First he began with GDI which he used to construct and hold grassroot support. If you know Nigeria politics you know that nothing beats grassroots support. You need foot soldiers or allies who are not just committed to your vision/course but who are willing to go to war on your behalf, people who are willing to take the bullet for you.

Every businessman or woman needs loyal and committed or devoted employees to grow the company or beat the competition. So the next time that you are thinking about starting that new business, the question that you should be asking is, who is in your conrner? Who are your team members and how committed is each one of them?

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