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Valentine’s Day in Port Harcourt: LOVE CONTINUES

There is no better time to show loved ones how much you love them than now. But the truth is that showing how much you care continues after Valentine Day. In Port Harcourt, this is how some people celebrated. Some said that this is what they will continue to do. 

Spending More Time Together

There is no better way to have enjoyed this moment without being together. Being physically together excited lovers, it calms the nerves. Looking at the beautiful faces, seeing each other smile adds pleasure that will remain forever.

‘I Love You’ 

It is the most beautiful thing to hear from a loved one. No matter how much you love and care, without saying ‘I love You’, its as if you are forgetting something. Maybe you have not said yours, you still have the time to continue saying and chatting, I Love You. It assures each other that you are still connected to the high tension of love.

Share More Gifts

Gift has its place in love. The beautiful part of it is that its not just only about the content of the gift but also the heart that gives it, the thought put into giving it, and the smiles or excitement on the faces of the one who receives. Now, just because 14th of February is come and gone, does not mean gifts are no longer given and received. Keep the gifts coming.

Continue To Enjoy Home Cooked Meals Together

Because this Valentine fell on Sunday, some resident of Port Harcourt where actually at home to enjoy delicious home cooked meals. Valentine home cooked meal tasted differently because of the love spice added in preparing it.

This is how some in the Garden City showed love this valentine. Its not over yet. Its just the beginning. Love Continues.

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