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5 Reasons Why you should Buy and Repair your gadgets at Garrison in Port Harcourt

It’s the Valentine season and you may be looking for where in Port Harcourt to buy that new Android phone everyone is talking about for the most affordable rates, or your laptop has recently started developing some software faults and you are wondering where to repair it in Port Harcourt without having to worry about bad service. Garrison junction on Aba road in Port Harcourt is the best bet for your purchase and repair of gadgets of all types and sizes in Port Harcourt, and this post tells you why.

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Affordable prices

Step into your average phone store at almost any other location in Port Harcourt and the prices are likely to give you a minor heart attack in this Garden city of Oil and Gas expatriates. Some things in Port Harcourt can be expensive and phones and laptops are definitely included in that number. At Garrison junction,  the vast market of software and hardware dealers beats down the prices to the barest minimum as traders and technicians vie for clientele.

Skilled Technicians

Many people often get scared to repair their gadgets in Port Harcourt. The fear is that while repairing one problem, another may develop. The technicians at Garrison however are highly skilled and talented people who are sure to repair your gadgets without any further problems developing.

Quick Gossip:

In fact, we hear that many of the gadget repair shops in other parts of Port Harcourt actually patronize techies in Garrison. They simply collect the money (at an inflated rate) from the customer and rush down to Garrison to give the actual work to the technicians there.

phone repair


Garrison junction is very accessible to a lot of people coming in from almost any part of the city and state. For those coming in from Old Port Harcourt Town and GRA, it can be accessed via the Aba road. The same goes for those coming from as far as Oyigbo, Artillery and Rumuomasi. For those coming from Choba, Rumuokoro and new GRA, it can be accessed through the Aba road from Rumuola junction or Waterlines junction. For those people coming from Diobu, Mile 3, Rumuoke and Location, it can be accessed easily through D-line. For people coming from Slaughter, Trans Amadi and Elekahia, it can be accessed through the Ogunabali road.

Plethora of Choices

Unlike your average gadget shop in GRA or some other place, when you step into Garrison you are not subjected to only one option. If you do not like the service in any shop, you may step right into the one next door and be offered better service for the same product.

It is a Tech Cluster

Rather than having to travel long distances to satisfy all your different tech needs, why not go to the one place where all could be satisfied at the same time? At Garrison, there are numerous interconnected tech businesses; i.e buy a phone in shop A, get the pouch and screen guard in shop C, insure the screen in shop E and buy a new laptop for the heck of it in shop M.  All in the same place, awesome right?

So there, these are the 5 reasons why you should buy and repair your gadgets at Garrison in Port Harcourt. Can you think of any other? We would be happy to know. Why not share in the comments below.

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