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Where to find your 6 favourite Road Transport bus terminals in Port Harcourt

Are you thinking about traveling soon? Port Harcourt is situated at the Niger Delta with an expansive road network connecting the city to 6 neighbouring states and the East-West road which cuts across the breadth of Nigeria. One of the best ways to travel from Port Harcourt is by road and this post tells you where to find your favourite Road Transport companies in Port Harcourt where you can easily buy a ticket to anywhere in the country.

nigerian roads

ABC Transport Company

ABC Transport Company which has been voted by the Chartered Institute of Transport as the Best Transporter in Nigeria is a favourite for many people who travel to and fro Port Harcourt. The buses are luxury buses and according to the company website www.abctransport.com are exclusively for passengers who would otherwise fly. You can locate the company offices at Eliozu junction, East-West road.


God is Good Motors

One of the most popular road transport companies in Nigeria, God is Good Motors is constantly rebranding the game. Since coming on the scene in 1998, this transport company has continued to deliver on high quality services. You can locate the transport terminal at 228 Aba Road, just after Rumuola junction, by the Bori Camp Airforce base, after the INEC Office.

abuja road

G. Agofure Motors

Popularly known as Agofure motors, this transport company is definitely the most popular road transport company for students of University of Port Harcourt and other higher institutions in the state who live outside Port Harcourt. Agofure Motors plies mainly the south-south area of Nigeria and some routes to Lagos and Abuja. You can locate the various terminals at Choba junction on the East-West road, Rumuokoro junction on the East-West road as well as Waterlines junction on Aba road.


Ameosa is an Edo-owned transport company which has recently risen to fame as one of the preferred transport companies operating in the Niger Delta region. Travelers close to the GRA axis can easily find the bus terminals at Waterlines junction on Aba road.

lagos road


As the name implies, this transport company is well known for long distance and  cross-country trips. The bus terminal can be easily located at the Waterlines junction on Aba road.

road tripping

Peace Mass Transit

Popular especially for travelers heading to the South-eastern part of the country, Peace Mass Transit covers routes from Port Harcourt to Owerri, Enugu, Umuahia etc. as well as Benin City, Lagos, Jos and Abuja. You can find the terminals easily on Aba road, just after Rumuola junction on your way towards Bori Camp Airforce base.

Hope we got your favourite transport company too? Is there any transport company we missed, why not ask us for the terminal in the comments and we will be sure to add it up.


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