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Top 3 Reasons Why you should Invest in Port Harcourt now

Port Harcourt is one city in Nigeria where life is full of hope, peace and joy brimming with lots of prospects. Business activities go on normally in the day with dividends left and right and at night the life in the city is booming. Through out the city, there is hope, peace and joy, creating an enabling environment for people to live, do business, invest and have fun. Are you considering investing, doing business, living and seeking employment in Port Harcourt city, the time is now and these are the top 3 reasons why you should invest in Port Harcourt. 

Invest because Port Harcourt offers tremendous opportunities

aba road as seen from hotel presidential

The economy of Port Harcourt offers numerous opportunities for business. There are lots of industrial and commercial activities going on everyday in the city. Port Harcourt oil and gas industries centered in Trans Amadi, the industrial community of the city, is booming despite the falling price of crude. The city has refinery, petrochemical plant, seaport, stadiums, beaches, schools and other business activities. There are opportunities in horticulture, mining, agriculture, tourism, just to mention a few. This is why you have to invest in this city. Your investment is guaranteed because there is no wahala.

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Invest because Port Harcourt city is peaceful

Nelson Mandela said,

Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of our collective, consensus and public investment’.

The people that live in the city are resolute and consciously ensuring they invest in public safety. The government of River State is determined to providing peace and security to its citizens. Through out the city, there is peace. The insecurity in the past has become history. Port Harcourt now is full of peace.

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Invest because Port Harcourt city residents are happy people

carnival photo

Residents of Port Harcourt know how to have good time and merriment. The city has night life with many nightclubs and entertainment centers. Silverbird Galleria, SPAR Port Harcourt Mall and Genesis Center offer one stop place with shops, cinema, restaurant, fast food, sports bar, theater, games arcade and children’s amusement part. The people are renowned for their warmth and friendliness. The spirit and culture of Port Harcourt is expressed in its unique cultural heritage. The city showcases its carnival, called CARNIRIV, showing that Pitakwa people are happy people.

Port Harcourt is indeed a cosmopolitan city attracting people from diverse cultures, origins and religions. This shows that indeed, the city is one place you have to invest in no mater how small it may be.

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