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Where to hangout in Port Harcourt on a Saturday

So, tomorrow is Saturday (TGIF!!!!!) and hopefully you are not a workaholic, so you would be spending sometime with friends or family. Taking time out after a busy week at the office or at school is definitely necessary for your productivity trust me. You could chill at home with a cool drink and watch the weekend’s games, or you could step out to that new place or any of the several places where you can hangout in Port Harcourt on a Saturday. This post lists some of the favourite places where Pitakwa people love to hangout closest to you so you can be sure to have a lot of fun wherever you are coming from.

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See a movie at the Cinemas

cinema in port harcourt

If you love to see movies, and you do not like staying out late, this is definitely the best option for you on a Saturday. There are many cinemas in Port Harcourt with lovely prices for individuals, couples and groups during the weekends and from 10 am all the way till 10:30 pm.

Depending on your location you could visit the Genesis Deluxe Cinemas. It is located at Genesis Centre, 39, Tombia Street, GRA Phase 2, Port Harcourt. You could also visit the Silverbird Cinema at the former Obi Wali Cultural Center, Mile 1, Diobu, Port Harcourt. For those who live closer to the Old GRA and Old Port Harcourt town, Filmhouse Cinemas located within the Port Harcourt Mall complex on Azikiwe road, beside the Government House is another perfect option.

So whichever option is closest to you, if you are a moviegoer, you would definitely be having a lot of fun hanging out in Port Harcourt.

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Go shopping


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So you think shopping is not an awesome hangout thing to do on a Saturday? Well,  maybe because you haven’t shopped at some of the awesome places in Port Harcourt. Take a trip to the Port Harcourt Mall on Azikiwe road, Old GRA, with over 10 stores from Levi’s, Samsung, Dollarstore, SPAR, and so many others. You are sure to find whatever you want and have fun doing so too. You may also visit the Genesis Center at Tombia street, GRA phase 2, to shop for exciting new outfits and gadgets at the Ruff n’ Tumble store as well as the electronics store for your smartphones and tablets. Other exciting places to shop in Port Harcourt this weekend include: Welldone Supermarket at Woji road-Olu Obasanjo junction and Everyday Supermakett.

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Go to a wedding

Weddings are fun! There is loud music, comedy, cake, dancing people and free food and drinks! And you don’t even have to bring a gift for the couple…shhhh! There are a lot of weddings in Pitakwa every Saturday and you don’t have to wait till you are invited. Bored and looking for where to go (where you also do not need to spend much to have a good time) weddings are a definite option. But don’t forget to wish the new couple well though!

Hang out at a Lounge

Go out for a few drinks, listen to some music and simply unwind in a friendly atmosphere at any of the major lounges in Port Harcourt. Some of them include the Cubana Lounge and Events Center on Abacha road in GRA Phase 2, up on the Terrace of the Elkan Terrace Hotel also on Abacha road, The SkyBar at the penthouse of the Genesis Center in GRA Phase 2, The Beer Barn on King Perekule street also in GRA Phase 2 and so many others.

You are definitely in for a good time here.

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Go to a club

port harcourt clubbing

Sure you’ve been expecting this one. If you are a nightowl and you don’t mind being groggy the next day, clubbing is one of the surest ways to have a lot of fun in Port Harcourt especially on a Saturday. Some of the clubs include Blinkx Lounge (which turns into a club at night) that can be found in GRA Phase 2, Cubana Lounge, Platinum Club at the Hotel Presidential, Everyday Dance Bar in GRA phase 2 and so many others. Drink, listen and dance to nice music and meet a lot of new friends.

So there you are, five awesome places to hangout in Port Harcourt this Saturday. Share this article and also lets know your thoughts and how your hangout went by using the comment below.

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  2. Under g says

    This post just shows how dull the social scene in Portharcourt is compared with other major cities like lagos, Abuja, Calabar even owerri sef.


  3. Tammy says

    wow this is my first time going through dis , and I live in port Harcourt and I don’t kn this places it is really shameful for me. To ur answer what might be responsible for d dull social science , from my point of view and experience one major reason is our parents or guidance not allowing us to be expose when we were growing up
    Always caging us .


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