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6 Insane drinking games for Friday Night in Port Harcourt

Hey guys, so it’s Friday Night in just a couple of hours! TGIF!!!! Time to relax and unwind with your friends and loved ones, and colleagues too. This is the last weekend of January and it promises to be super awesome! So, because we know it could be a little expensive to go to the clubs and cinemas this weekend, we have been preparing all month-long for you; gathering research, attending the craziest parties, playing the most insane games, just so we would have for you the Top 6 most Insane drinking games you could be playing this Friday night in Port Harcourt from wherever you are!

So relax and keep reading and just prepare to start having massive fun!



This game is really simple to play and with as many of your friends as possible. One person starts the game by whispering anything into the ear of the next person, who then whispers whatever they think they heard (which may not be the same thing) into the ear of the next person and so on till it gets to the last person who then says what they heard out loud. And guess what, 9 times out of ten, it is never the same! The last person then has to take a shot of alcohol.

This is a super awesome game you can use to whisper that thing you have always wanted to say to the next person too, and the responses are always so funny.

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Laughing game

This awesome game tests your control and it is really funny and interesting to play especially after you and your friends are already slightly tipsy. In the game, everybody makes sounds like “Ha”, “Hoo”, “Hee” or other funny sounds while keeping a straight face and the first person who is unable to keep a straightface and bursts out laughing loses out and takes a shot.

You can continue the game until only one person is left with a straightface.

drinking games


This is an awesome card game that 4 – 8 people can play and have lots of fun. How to play: you shuffle out the cards and you deal four cards to each person, then the person starting the game starts out with five cards. the objective of the game is to keep passing a single card through the game until a player has all four cards from the same suit i.e four Spades or four Diamonds or four Hearts and so on. When this happens, the player discreetly places their cards facedown and the last person to do so loses. That person then takes a shot and adds a “D” to their name. If the same person loses again, an “O” is added and so on until the name “DONKEY” is spelled.

Awesome right?


This one definitely sounds like a drinking game doesn’t it? In this game, one person starts by stating: “Concentration! Names of Car brands” and then goes on to name a car brand. The next person then names another car brand and so on till a player cannot name a car brand or names one that has already been named. That player then takes a shot. The next person then calls out for another series eg. names of famous actors, names of social media networks etc.

React and Act

This is one of my personal favourites. This is an awesome game to play especially if your friends are the theatrical sort. In this game, you and your friends first brainstorm on some of the most exciting or scary things to react to eg. Meeting a celeb on the street, getting featured on a Pitakwatimes.com article, biting into a Burger and finding a finger inside etc. write down all your ideas and put them into a hat. A player then pulls out one of the ideas and tries to act it out.

It is a really awesome game to play with friends.

And now for my personal favourite:

Spin the Bottle

This game is definitely not the spin the bottle you are likely used to. In this game, different bottles of alcohol (as many as you can get) filled with champagne, beer, cognac, vodka, gin, whisky and brandy are arranged in a circle along with at least two bottles of water. If you can’t get enough bottles, you can get a number of plastic cups filled with different sizes or volumes of different drinks. The person then spins the bottle and wherever the bottle points, they must drink from that bottle whether water or brandy. Now how INSANE is that?!


This game would definitely have everybody wasted in no time. And isn’t that the point?

So there they are, the top, most exciting drinking games you could be playing tonight. Why not try them out and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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