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Where to buy and repair gadgets in Port Harcourt

The very moment you decide to buy or repair an electronic device in Port Harcourt, a warning sound beeps in the mind of the average hustler at Garrison [or so the legends say]. If you are looking for where to buy or repair your electronic gadgets in Port Harcourt, the very first place in your mind should be the tech cluster at Garrison. Basically, if Computer Village in Lagos had a first cousin in Port Harcourt, her name would be the Garrison Tech Cluster. But first of all, here are simple directions on how to get to this tech cluster from anywhere in Pitakwa.

Getting to Garrison

The Garrison junction is located on the Aba road expressway, just between the Waterlines bus-stop and the CFC bus-stop. If you are coming from GRA, Rumuola, Artillery junction, Eleme junction, Choba or Rumuokoro, your best bet is to enter the Aba road – through Rumuola junction for those coming from Choba, Rumuokoro or GRA – and then drive down to Garrison.

Conversely if you are coming in from Mile 1 or Mile 3, Diobu, Old GRA or Town, your best bet would be through the Azikiwe road and on to the Aba road – for those coming from Old GRA and Town, and through the Isaac Boro Park junction for those coming from Mile 1 and Mile 3.

From Slaughter, Elekahia, Trans Amadi Industrial Layout and Ogunabali, the best way to get to the Garrison tech cluster is through the Ogunabali road which would take you directly to Garrison junction on Aba road.


About the Garrison tech cluster

Like the name suggests, the Garrison tech cluster is a collection of interconnected tech businesses which exist in the Garrison junction area on Aba road. These businesses include the technicians who repair hardware and software problems on mobile phones – including Androids, iPhones and BlackBerrys, as well as laptops, Tablets and computer accessories from their small umbrella-shaded shops and kiosks; the sellers in the glass enclosed shops with the latest gadget from Sony, Samsung, Apple or Canon with the choice only depending on what you want and finally the fast-paced hustling entrepreneurs whose jobs are to direct you to these guys as soon as you step off a vehicle into the cluster.

garrison boys

repairin phonephone repair


Other items repaired and sold at Garrison include: CCTV cameras (along with installation experts can be found at Garrison), remote key fobs, fuel pump indicators, projectors etc.

Hundreds of businesses thrive in this million-naira a day cluster and it is no surprise considering it is the best place you can find a gadget or repair one in Port Harcourt.

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