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Before the immediate past presidential elections, various degrees of political promises were made to Nigerians. When the promises were too frivolous and unreal, the spokesman for the PDP presidential media campaign CHIEF FEMI FANI KAYODE called on the APC to come out plainly and tell Nigerians how they intend to achieve these and fulfill such promises. Well, with such mouth watering promises and change mantra, Nigerians gave the mandate to President M. Buhari to lead the country out of corruption. Is hunting opposition loyalists for alleged corrupt practices and embezzlement fighting corruption? CORRUPTION IN THE PRESIDENCY: How true?

Let’s briefly remember some promises:

We shall defeat BOKO-HARAM in 3 months

Eight months gone and the attacks of Boko Haram have become deadlier, ferocious, and vicious.

We shall create 2.3 million JOBS for Nigerians

Am I correct with the figures? Please correct me. Eight months gone, more than 1.5 million JOBS already lost from the private sector to the public sector.

We will pay unemployed youth 5,000 naira stipends a month
The APC dominated National Assembly has voted against the implementation of the 5,000 Naira payment to the unemployed.

We will sell fuel for 40.00 naira per litre: David West
Eight months gone and we don’t even see the Fuel for the 87.00 Naira again. Even with the government stipulated reduction to 86.50 Naira, it is nearly impossible to find, not to talk of buy and petrol stations across the country are selling at 120 – 140 Naira with impunity.

We would bring back the Chibok girls
Just few days ago, President Buhari stormed out of a meeting with the parents of the “Chibok girls” after he said, “no be my government una pikins loss, I don try my best, make una no disturb me, make una go sambisa go find una girls”. He later set up another committee to look into the issue as though no girls were missing hmmmm.

CORRUPTION is not understood by the average Nigerian.

Is corruption removing the yam from the goat or killing the goat if the yam is stolen?

The campaign promises must be fulfilled as failure to do so will be termed political manipulation to gain power and this is corruption too.

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Views expressed are only those of the authors.

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