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Is Port Harcourt really a Garden City?

Do you live in Port Harcourt or are you planning on visiting Pitakwa city? If your answer is yes to any of the questions, then this next question is for you. Do you agree or disagree that Port Harcourt is a Garden City?

For many years Port Harcourt City has been fondly called the Garden City by her residents and many of her visitors. In recent times however, some people have come to doubt whether the city should retain this moniker. This post identifies the meaning of a garden city and puts to rest the question of if Port Harcourt is really a Garden city or not.

What is a Garden city?

A garden city is a type of urban planning where the communities are surrounded by greenbelts, having areas of residents, industries and agricultural settlement.

The big question therefore is; has Port Harcourt been able to fulfill all of these attributes?

River State government has planted trees and encourages all the stakeholders to do the same.

In the past, the Rivers State Government has called on its well meaning citizens and  corporate organizations to make Port Harcourt a garden city. According to Dr. Nyema Weli, the former Commissioner for Environment 2014 “the act of tree  planting cannot be over emphasised because trees arrround us depend on us for carbon-dioxide for their survival while we depend on the trees for the oxygen they produce for our survival. It is natural that we plant more trees and encourage all stakeholders to do same for this symboiltic relationship” This effort is producing result today in the city because many parts are green.


Driving all around the city especially at old and new GRA, shows that many places are surrounded by trees and flowers

Port Harcourt city is really green in some areas. A close observation shows that indeed Port Harcourt is a garden city.


There is significant horticultural activity within the metropolitan city

Take a look from the Port Harcourt Airport, driving into the city, you will see lots of horticultural business on the street. At GRA Juntion by Aba road, in front of Guaranty Trust Bank, this business is booming. You can buy these beautiful trees from there.


Join hands to make Port Harcourt city the best garden city in the world. There are lots of opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to start tree raising and planting business in making Pitakwa green. Share this article with your friends and comment on what should be done to make the city more green.


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