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10 things to carry along when going to NYSC camp in Port Harcourt

If you have just received your call-up letter from your institution and you are being posted to Rivers state this post will come in very handy for you with the 10 most important things you need to carry along as you come for camp. Even if you are not posted to Rivers state, this post can still come in very handy. Below are the top 10 things you should have with you when you are going to NYSC camp in Port Harcourt.

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Final Year Student ID and photocopies

When coming to camp in Port Harcourt, you should ensure you come with your final year student ID card and at least 6 photocopies. If you do not have a school ID card at the time, ensure you have a letter of identification from your former institution. The ID card and the photocopies will be presented in camp and used in your registration.

Statement of Results or Certificates

You should also come with your original and at least 12 copies of your statement of result or degree certificate if you have it to camp. These documents would be needed for registration also.

Your NYSC call-up letter (Green card)

Without your NYSC call up letter, you may even be denied entry into the camp. Ensure you have at least 6 copies of your call up letter though because the original would be collected at camp.

Passport Photographs

All through your service year in Port Harcourt, you would be asked to produce passport photographs. However, in camp you should come in with at least 24 copies that would be affixed to the different forms you will be given in camp.

White shirts and shorts

The casual wear in NYSC orientation at Nonwa-Gbam in Tai Local Government of Rivers state is white shirt and shorts, which is also the casual wear for all NYSC camps across the country. After your registration you would be presented with two pairs of both shirt and shorts, but you should come along with at least 3 pairs of both so as to make sure you always have a clean and dry pair to wear for all the activities in camp.

White tennis shoes

White shoes would also be given to you in the NYSC camp, but it is advisable to come along with at least one other pair of white tennis shoes and a pair of white rubber shoes (if you are going to camp during the rainy season). This is because, many of your drills would occur in the field and during the rains your shoes can get dirty. Having more than one pair with a rubber option would help you remain neat and clean all through your stay in camp.

Waist pouch

You are not allowed to carry bags in camp, but you are allowed to carry a waist pouch (like a fanny pack) provided it is not too big. This pouch should be medium sized with as many compartments as you can find so as to help you separate all your gadgets, cards, money etc.


The NYSC in Port Harcourt will not provide you with toiletries, so you should ensure you come with your soaps, sponges, towels, tissue papers, etc. when you are coming.

Extra clothes for Sundays

In the NYSC camp at Nonwa-Gbam, Tai in Rivers state you are allowed to wear mufti during the morning hours on Sundays. Though it is not compulsory but you can carry along extra clothes for those days. Also, you should ensure you come with a cardigan. The nights in Pitakwa can get very cold and while you are not allowed to wear a cardigan over your white shorts and shirt, it will serve you well at night. Also carry along bedsheets and pillow cases as these would not be provided.


Life in camp can be expensive so ensure you come with at least 40,000 Naira that you can spend with while you are in camp. This will ensure that your stay is stress-free and will enable you to really enjoy yourself at the mammy-market.


There are however some things you should not bring along to camp as they are contraband and they include:

  • Knives
  • Bottles
  • Blades and clippers
  • Staplers and other sharp objects

Also, for the ladies, do not come along with brightly coloured panties as they would show up against your white shorts and that would be very embarrassing for you.

What are your expectations for camp? Do you intend on having fun?


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