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Eat Pitakwa: Bole

Every year, bole saves hundreds of thousands of lives in Port Harcourt. That is amazing, right? Yeah; if you have ever been to Port Harcourt city but never had a taste of that awesomeness called bole, which of course you will never find anywhere else in Nigeria, then you have no idea what pleasure you are missing.

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Look at it this way: you just came into Port Harcourt for a visit and you are wondering what to do with your lunch hour break, think no more; take yourself or friends out to some bole joint. Be rest assured that wherever you may find yourself in Port Harcourt city, there is a bole joint near you. Just take a walk or ask someone.

Image: Kitchenbutterfly.com

Image: Kitchenbutterfly.com

However, here are a few places you could find the best bole in Port Harcourt.

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Stadium road

Hmm, stadium road is renowned for its array of gorgeously looking, meticulously prepared and yummy tasting bole, with roasted fishes that are as huge as your arms.

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Railway line, D-Line


Agudama Street, in D-Line, not far from the Garrison Bust stop is another place renowned for its exquisite bole as that of Stadium road.

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Evo road, G.R.A.

There are about three bole joints along the Evo road, in G.R.A. alone. The one by Pepperoni seems to be this writer’s favorite joint because he invests about 20 minutes most afternoons transporting himself to and fro just to satisfy his appetite.

The Bole King

10 Omoku Street, D/Line, Port Harcourt

Yeah, understandably, the name sounds like that American franchise, Burger King; but there is nothing imitating of Burger King at all, trust me. There is the awesomeness of the Port Harcourt bole, there is Bole King that seeks to take that awesomeness to a whole new level. At Bole King, you get fresh palm wine, healthy natural juice etc. Don’t be told. Experience it.

And then, of course, every street near you.

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If you ever visit Port Harcourt, don’t leave without having the bole experience that only Port Harcourt could give you.

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  2. In places like the new GRA, if you are not holding enough money to eat at big restaurants like Genesis etc, don’t starve yourself. Eat Pitakwa Bole. It is sold almost on every street.


  3. If I miss my lunch, maybe because am busy in the office, my last option is Pitakwa Bole. With #300 naira, I will eat very delicious, highly protein rich and mineral unripe plantain.


  4. I know of three sisters who are specialist in Pitakwa Bole. One sells at Onne Road, Opposite European Supermarket, another after Visaphone Office and the last after Fidelity Bank on Worji Road, all in new GRA. Pitakwa Bole has provided employment to many. If you are a young lady, and you are wondering what to do, Sell Pitakwa Bole. You will make a lot of money. Port Harcourt is a market for Pitakwa Bole. On one street, you can have more the two sellers.


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