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Surprise birthday party as Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel turns 60

It was laughter and fun-fare this afternoon as people turned out en masse to celebrate Big Daddy Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel as he turned 60… without his knowledge. Big Daddy was completely in the dark about the entire celebration until the moment he stepped into the hall and everyone screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Right from the very beginning, Pitakwa Times was in the loop as usual and of course, we were there to get all the photos and the whole scoop.

See: Port Harcourt turns up to Surprise Sir Awoye Bob-Manuel on his 60th birthday for photos

Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel


Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel was born in 1955 to Bennett Amos Bob-Manuel and Nancy Bob-Manuel, both of late memory. He is married to the amiable and beautiful Mrs. Elizabeth Ellam Bob-Manuel, née Adie of Bekwarra descent and they both have four children: Onengiye, Data, Piriye, Awoye Jr.; two in-laws: Mr. James Agbonaye, Sir Paul Ogbeni, and three Grand Children: Osaye, Deba and Ebuwa.

He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CITN), an Associate of The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Nigeria (ICPAN), Fellow, Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM), as well as a Justice of Peace and a Knight of the Order of Saint Mulumba in the Catholic Communion.

Former executive Chairman, Rivers State Board of Internal Revenue, 2008- January 2009 and State Tax Authority. He was appointed a Permanent Secretary in 2009, in the Rivers State Ministries of Budget and Economic Planning, 2009-2011 (doubling as Member of Council in the then Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) and Member  Rivers State Government Reserved Fund Management Committee), Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Housing, 2012-2014, from where he retired in December 2014.

Nevertheless, he is presently operating a private firm, that offers services that cut across Management and Tax Consultancy. He is a member of the Education Board of the Catholic Diocese of Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Dignitaries throng Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel’s 60th birthday

It was a hive of Port Harcourt’s most celebrated dignitaries at the surprise birthday party held for Sir Awoye at the Vineyard Mall, Woji road, GRA Phase 2. Dressed in the theme of red and black, the guests had mostly arrived the venue before the unwitting celebrant stepped in. Among the dignitaries present were the Honorable Dakuku Peterside, APC Gubernatorial Candidate for Rivers state and his wife who is a niece to the celebrant, Tenye Douglas, Jack Isobo, and many others.


Dakuku Peterside and wife with Sir and Lady Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel in middle

The Children and grandchildren gave renditions

The surprise birthday party which, according to Lady Awoye Bob-Manuel, was planned in New York during the summer involved all the children, grandchildren, cousins, close friends and inlaws of the celebrant. During the event, while guests applauded grandchildren, inlaws and children gave musical renditions, poems and speeches about their father and Big Daddy.

Dakuku Peterside promises to sponsor Centenary celebration


Hon. Dakuku Adol Peterside

When speaking about the celebrant, Hon. Dakuku whose wife grew up in the celebrant’s household promised to be around at the celebrant’s 100th birthday. He wished him long life and prosperity and emphasized that at the centenary celebration, he will personally sponsor all events. “We will hold the thanksgiving in the latest plane at that time for 72 hours in the air,” he said.

After the cake was cut by the celebrant with his friends, the event went into dancing and laughter, and of course we got the pictures.


celebrant cutting cake with his wife



Sir Awoye leading the dancefloor with his Lady

For more photos from the event see Port Harcourt turns up to surprise Sir Awoye Bob-manuel on 60th birthday


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