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How to avoid getting stuck in Port Harcourt traffic

Port Harcourt like any other metropolitan city in the world has many vehicles plying the road, leading to heavy traffic on the roads. Port Harcourt residents decry traffic congestion and can attribute it to many factors. Are you living or plan visiting Port Harcourt someday and you are wondering how to avoid getting stuck in traffic, here is information you need to know.

The Port Harcourt city is well planned with the facilities of an urban city such as good link roads, drainages, and properly placed recreational facilities. On the other hand, the Obio-Akpor LGA and other adjoining areas have no good designs to support population growth of the city contributing to grid lock in the city of Port Harcourt with so many vehicles on very few roads. Government has build overhead bridges along Aba-Port Harcourt expressway – a major road in Pitakwa which links from Rivers state to Abia, Imo and Enugu states beginning at the Mile 1 Diobu area and intersecting with the East-West road at the Eleme junction –  to assist in decongesting traffic, but not enough.  However, the situation is not helpless because there are ways to overcome this challenge.

The most effective means of avoiding Port Harcourt traffic is to apply the correct timing

For instance, roads are very free in the early hours of the day between 5am to 7am, 10am to 2pm and then late nights. Also, closing time causes a lot of traffic.  You can use public transport to move at these times. So plan your journey well to avoid wasting all your time in transit.

traffic in PH

Traffic at Mile 3 round about by 8am

Listen to traffic report on radio

Wave 91.7 FM airs traffic reports in the morning and evening. Also, Nigerian Info (92.3 FM) airs traffic report in the evening. Callers from different part of the city update on traffic situations in certain areas.

Monitor events in the city

Events cause a lot of traffic. Get updated on events in the city to keep away from traffic hotspots.

See: Top Event happening in Port Harcourt this December

Park your car, enter Keke Napep some times

Keke Napep drivers know how to maneuver in the city. Just a trial will convince you.

Know the roads that are prone to less traffic to avoid traffic jam in well-known areas

There is popular saying that who know road, traffic cannot hold the person. Most of the major roads and junctions in Port Harcourt such as the Artillery road and Rumuola road junctions with Aba road expressway, Rumuokoro junction on Ikwerre road, Mile 1 and Mile 3 junctions and many others are better circumvented using inner roads the cut through New GRA or even skirting the city on the East-West road. Familiarize yourself with roads in the city with resources such as Google Maps. You can always drive or stroll around to see for yourself too.

It is possible to avoid heavy traffic even in a metropolis like Port Harcourt. What is your traffic story? How do you avoid traffic in Port Harcourt?

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  1. If you are not familiar with the roads, get the assistance of someone who knows the city and it’s link roads. This will help to avoid traffic in a metropolitan city like Port Harcourt especially if you are new to the city.


  2. If it is possible to share cars, will you share yours? Until, this is possible, someone can give you a lift if you live in the same neighborhood to de-congest our roads. Good public transportation should be provided. This will go a long way.


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