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Where you can buy quality and affordable clothes in Port Harcourt

Dress how you want to be addressed it is true, but you should also know that it is not the dress who makes the wearer, but the wearer themselves. Are you looking for where to buy quality clothes in Port Harcourt that would represent you to your friends and colleagues whenever you go out without squeezing your wallet too tight? This post lists some of the places in Port Harcourt where you can buy the best clothes.

Rumuokwuta junction/Rumuola road

Every great city has a place where you can find the best shops selling the best wears for men, women and children. In New York it’s Saks Fifth Avenue, in Pitakwa it is Rumuola road. Visit today for your quality shirts, jeans, chinos trousers, chiffon gowns, platform shoes, sneakers, loafers and so much more. Located on the Ikwerre road it is also accessible through the Aba road Expressway and the Psychiatric road. You can get there from any of the major routes in the city.

Isaac Boro Park junction

mile one park

Located at the end of the Aba road expressway on your way to the Old Port Harcourt town, you can find the most affordable clothing wares in this street market that would simply blow your mind away. Fashionistas who believe that the wearer makes the clothes and not the other way around love to visit and patronize this market especially because some of the goods are imitations but look really classy and nice all the same.

Spar Port Harcourt Mall

SPAR Port Harcourt www.pitakwatimes.com

If you are one of those who would do anything for a paor of designer labels, then make your way to Spar Port Harcourt mall on Azikiwe road, just before the Government House in Old GRA Port Harcourt for some really amazing deals on authentic designer clothes and shoes that would have you rocking in super style.

Choba Night Market

confused shopper

Known especially as the location of the various campuses of the Federal University of Port Harcourt and the University of Port Harcourt teaching hospital, Choba is a student hub and thus it is not surprising that some of the best deals on affordable clothes can be found in this town, at night. Stroll into Choba in the afternoons and it is likely you would find students and professors scurrying about busy with learning and books, but at night this student town transforms into a busy market where you can find so many awesome clothes; both original and imitations that your biggest problem would be which to choose. This is one place you need to be shopping in when in Pitakwa.

So, where do you shop when in Port Harcourt? Have you tried any of these places?


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