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Top Asian Restaurants in Port Harcourt

Looking for Asian restaurants in Port Harcourt? Have you eaten chow mein at a really awesome Asian restaurant and you are wondering where you can find the same in Port Harcourt or maybe you have never tried Asian food before and for your first time you want to discover it in a Port Harcourt Asian restaurant, have no fear, below are the top 4 Asian restaurants in Port Harcourt and where to find them in no particular order.

Asia Town Port Harcourt

asia town

Asia Town is one best restaurants in Nigeria and as the name implies, entering into the serene ambience within the restaurants takes a visitor all the way to another place, another continent, another culture and another kind of Asian experience. Enjoy specially tailored buffets with finger food delicacies and cocktails, while being guarded by beautiful bronze statues of Asian warriors and served by well-mannered staff in a beautifully set in a dark ceilinged room with cascading fountains and bamboo on the outside. Whether it is just a dinner for two, or a corporate affair with a visiting dignitary, Asia Town has you covered. It is located at the Forces Avenue in the Old GRA of Port Harcourt city.

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Eastern Gardens Port Harcourt

asian food#

Located off the Aba road expressway just before CFC bus-stop, Eastern Gardens is one of the oldest Asian restaurants in Port Harcourt. Visit this restaurants for exotic dishes that would have you cming back for more every single time. The setting is beautiful with well mannered older gentlemen as waiters, well carved Asian figurines on every table, and chopsticks. This restaurant is one of the few Asian restaurants in Nigeria where guests are given the option of eating with the traditional cutlery or the conventional fork and knife.

Uhuru restaurant Port Harcourt

Located at Tombia street, GRA Phase 2, you can find this restaurant within the Genesis Centre complex. Though not primarily an Asian restaurant, Uhuru restaurant however gets a considerable Asian clientele for their excellent Asian soups and noodles. The setting is superb in a low-lit area with bamboo tables and chairs and beautiful music streaming out of unseen speakers. It is perfect spot for private romantic Asian dinners with the Port Harcourt flavor.

The Spice Route Port Harcourt

Located within the Spar Port Harcourt mall, Spice Route is an exclusive Asian restaurant where guests can eat, drink, laugh and even dance to serene music. Sporting a tastefully furnished interior with Asian motifs, it also sports an open air balcony that guests could lounge on before or after their meal and enjoy the sights and sounds of Pitakwa in absolute privacy.

Have you tried out these restaurants before? Which is your favourite Asian restaurant? Share your views in the comments section below.


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