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Top 5 restaurants in Port Harcourt

Are you in Port Harcourt and do you love eating or do you love eating great food? Food is one of the basic necessities for human growth and vitality, but it is not enough to simply consume food. You should eat good food and one of the best places to eat good food is in a quality restaurant. There are a bunch of really great restaurants in Port Harcourt, but after extensive research we have come up with the very best restaurants in the Oil city of Pitakwa that are bound to excite you and keep you coming back for more every single time.

Jevinik Restaurant Port Harcourt


Located on Tombia street in GRA phase 2, with a branch at Mothercat in Trans Amadi Industrial Layout, this restaurant redefines the fine line between quality and quantity by providing both. Visit Jevinik at any of the branches for super affordable meals that would feed you, your family and your neighbour’s cousin. Continental dishes and soups like Native soup, Ogbolo soup, Atama soup, Afang soup and so many others served with swallow foods like pounded yam, semovita, eba and many others. This is one restaurant you definitely have to visit for great food when in Port Harcourt.

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Asia Town Port Harcourt

asia town port harcourt

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One of the Top Asian Restaurants in Port Harcourt, it is located at Forces Avenue, Old GRA Port Harcourt. Visit for excellent exotic Asian dishes, soups, noodles, fries and chickens from Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. The ambience within this restaurant completely transports you into another time and place. This is another restaurant you really have to visit when in Port Harcourt.

Uhuru restaurant, Port Harcourt

Located on Tombia road, GRA phase 2 Port Harcourt, this restaurant is found within the Genesis Centre and serves a complete course of Asian food, continental and local dishes. The restaurant floor is low-lit allowing for private audiences and dinners. It is a really good spot for a romantic dinner, especially if you want to pop the question.

Ororo restaurant Port Harcourt

Located within the four-star hotel, Le Meridien Ogeyi Place, at Evo crescent, GRA phase 2, this restaurant is one of the best places to eat really great peppersoup in Port Harcourt. The restaurant houses a chef specially trained in Indian, Asian and continental dishes with the Pitakwa flavor. This is one restaurant you cannot afford to miss.

Eastern Gardens, Port Harcourt

asian food#

One of the oldest Asian restaurants in Port Harcourt, it is also one of the best. If you are looking for a good restaurant that serves a la carte Asian food with chopsticks, this is your definite choice. Visit this restaurant today.

So what is your best restaurant in Port Harcourt? Share your view in the comments below

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