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The cry of the younger generation for solutions

YOUTH RESTIVENESS; terrorist attacks – all by relatively smart, able bodied young people. Why is so much evil committed by young people in the world today? What are their problems? What internal or external issues are they struggling with? What are they trying to prove? What specific solutions are they searching for? The answers would be as many as the global youth population.

The truth of the matter is that governments and politicians in the world have proven that they are either incapable of providing solutions or they are just insincere. So that instead of any respite, youth global youth restiveness continues in its rise. A close look at the people involved in killings, riots and protests, you will see that they are all angry youths who believe that they are fighting for their future. How did they come to imbibe such mindset?

In this little article, I want to highlight a few solutions that I think could help keep our youth population engaged and help reduce the restiveness if not at all solve these problems once and for all.

Improved education delivery (knowledge and high quality local content in education tailored to individual needs)

The educational system in Nigeria has failed the society. They have produced students or graduates who are easily described as unemployable. The question I often think about is, as a Nigerian what is your education meant to solve or do for you? I haven’t gotten any satisfying answers yet. But here a few things which we could propose:

  1. Let us cancel and overhaul the current education system especially the current curriculum at all levels and propose a high, relevant, local and quality content.
  2. Seek knowledge for capacity, national and world development that will solve your problems.
  3. Let’s call for National Education Conference and trash issues affecting our educational development.

The youths are crying for employment

As I looked at the statistics of employment and unemployment published, I began to see the cry of the youths. From my research, two thousand, one hundred and seventy eight (2,178) listed public companies  who pay contributory pension for their staff in 2014, can only employ fifty five thousand, six hundred and fifty three (55,653) staff. The highest employer of labour in this category of companies is Julius Berger Nigeria Plc which employed seventeen thousand, eight hundred and twenty two (17,822) staff.

Where does that leave the rest? How many are self-employed? How many people are employed by government in all its ministries and agencies? In a country with over One hundred and fifty million (150,000,000) people, the rate of unemployment is beyond imagination.

Some proposed solutions are:

  1. Employ yourself
  2. Create job for others


The youths are crying for Leadership

With all humility and sense of patriotism, Nigeria has not yet produced a single good leader. How can you assess the performance of a leader? Maybe by the number of youth leaders you produce? Because I have not seen human resources development for leaders of tomorrow, only personal and party and material development. Our leaders have huge work to do.

Some proposed solutions are:

Every Nigerian below age of 20 (less than 20 years) should be educated in their desired field of leadership (Science, Art, Commercial and Politics) not with this failed current system of education that you apply for a course and be forced to study something else instead because you are tired of staying at home.

  1. Between 20 to 30 years, begin to work with leaders in any of their chosen field of leadership (Science, Art, Commercial and Politics)
  2. Between 30 and 40 years, assistant leaders in their field of leadership ( Science, Art, Commercial and Politics)

For example, this office can be created; the office Deputy Vice (President, Governor etc) headed by these set of youth.

  1. Between 40 to 50 years, leaders in their field of leadership ( Science, Art, Commercial and Politics)
  2. Between 50 to 60 years, only involved in training of younger generation to take over leadership.
  3. 60 years and above, retire from all form of leadership and go and enjoy their remaining part of life.

The cry of youths for evil (terrorism)

The youth are beating the drum of war they have not even experienced. They are involved in many form of evil like robbery, kidnapping, Boko Haram etc. My fear is that many more are still going to start. This seems to be just the beginning. There is hope – however.

Some proposed solutions are:

  1. Every Nigerian Do Something Positive
  2. National, State, Local government, Companies and Individual should get involved in a new re-orientation programme that is national. The legislators in the National Assembly should make laws on National Orientation to air compulsory messages against terrorism.
  3. Our leaders in families, communities, states and the six geo-political zones should be held responsible to end terrorism in their areas. The appropriate legislation should also be in place to back this up. Government should oversee all this activities and fully fight international interest in terrorism in Nigeria.
  4. Our religious leaders in churches and mosque should be fully involved in the fight against terrorism.

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