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What killed Prince Audu Abubakar?



Audu Abubakar as seen voting for himself on Saturday. Image: Saharareporters.com

Those people are very diabolic; could also be that he had had a health challenge all along and he needed not subject himself to rigors of electioneering campaigns…maybe, just maybe,” quipped someone this writer spoke to.

What killed Prince Audu abubakar? That is the big question on everyone’s lips since Sunday when the news of his death hit the internet.

By Saturday, 21th November 2015, Audu Abubakar – who was the former governor of Kogi state and present APC governorship candidate for Kogi State 2015 governorship election, was leading as interim results tricked in from the polling units and local government areas of the state; by Sunday 22nd November 2015 in unprecedented news, Prince Audu was pronounced dead by SaraReporters.com as the state’s governorship election was declared ‘inconclusive’.

The reactions of many Nigerians to the news of Audu’s death were as diverse and jolting as the news of his demise.

Read some of the reactions captured on Twitter:

“Audu dying almost as dope as when Abacha died.” – Tweeted @Echecrates who goes by the monicker ‘Nigerian God’.

“He deserves it,” replied Hotline Bling @theStephannie to @Echecrates’s tweet.

“Bro. someone Died; You don’t mock the Dead – No matter how Evil he/she was.” – Danny, @Adejumo3

“When they are alive – okay to mock them

When they are dead – not okay to mock them

Why? Because sensitive ghosts?” – Chine, @ChineEzeks

Earlier on Saturday Empress Sugabelly @Sugabelly had tweeted: “Please don’t let Abubakar Audu win this (or any) election. The man and his entire family are animals…”

Boy that was dead stone cold! Here is her story.

“I suspect foul play in the Audu guy’s death.” – Dr Mele

While Prince Audu Abubakar was former governor of Kogi State, he was accused of stealing funds worth over 11 billion Naira from the KOgi state treasury, funds which he claimed would be returned as soon as he became governor, according to a report from Dailypost.ng.

According to the many reports flying all over the Nigerian Internet, in the last moments before his death, the governor and gubernatorial contestant, Prince Audu, was vomiting blood. If that could be taken as a sign of (food?) poisoning remains to be proven by an autopsy? But Prince Audu was a Muslim and by the law his remains should be laid to rest today by 10:AM.

If that is the case then we may never get to know for sure what killed Audu Abubakar – the man who was coasting to be Kogi State’s governor from 2016-2020.

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