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How to solve the problem of unemployment

Finally! Here it is, the single most effective and complete solution. I will give it to you straight: fire all the teachers; send every student back home to their parents; close down every school in every country. In short, do away entirely with the current education system.

Now, I know what you are thinking – what kind of solution is this and how will this drastic impossible idea actually going to solve the world’s unemployment problems? Relax, that’s what I intend to tell you in this short article. Short, yes, today is not a day for long stories.

I need you to stay with me though. And keep an open mind. You may be tempted to argue with me or yourself as you read along. Don’t give in to such temptation. But like a lawyer in a courtroom you can argue your case using the comments section – your insights, argument or opinion (for or against) shall be greatly appreciated. You may also join the conversation on Twitter here and Facebook here.

How do you solve a chronic problem? Deal with the source; cut off its roots. That’s right. Schools are the root cause of unemployment. How did people become entitled with the job mentality? The school drummed it into their head for twelve plus years.

The world didn’t use to have unemployment problems. Unemployment became an issue since everyone and their educational system began to lie to their kids that the purpose of schools is to get jobs, that a good job will solve all their (especially, money) problems and that a shiny little piece of paper collected at the end of three or four years will qualify them for and get them that dream job (or grant them that great life that everyone and their cousins desire). How did lying on a grand scale become so fashionable? The world had being lying to kids for far too long, now those lies have come back with a vengeance to bite everyone in the ass.

In 2011 the Federal government of Nigeria, under former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan began the Sure-P program that gave tens of thousands of dollars to young unemployed graduates to start businesses. The program failed woefully because you cannot solve the problem of unemployment by throwing money around. No amount of government legislation and/or programs will solve the problems of unemployment because government legislation and/or programs did not create unemployment. Lies and deceits did. So to deal with unemployment successfully, to cut off the head of that monster snake, you have to cut off the source that keeps feeding those lies and/or deceits. Our schools, as are, have to go.

In the old days, no one went to school to pursue a degree to get a job. Because everyone and their family worked for themselves; self employed. And those who went to school did so purely for the pursuit of knowledge.

Am I saying that we should go back to that type of life? Yes. Yes, and yes. And your life and my life would be less complicated.

I am however, not in anyways suggesting that schools should entirely cease to exist – another angle; only that the true purpose of schools and economic needs should be separated or re-focused. Those who go to school should do so purely for the love of knowledge, while to meet economic needs everyone should go back to Entrepreneurship (“not everyone can become (successful) entrepreneurs” – I have heard that many times. But that’s not true. Everyone used to be entrepreneurs.). This way, we would have fewer schools that are better managed, with teachers who really love teaching or impacting knowledge and students who really want to learn and are less under pressure to perform. No more lies.

Schools would become specialized. There would be separate schools for those who love to join their country’s military, and so on.

Then there should be a school for entrepreneurs or those who want to learn how to build and run successful/international businesses. A school run and administered by other successful entrepreneurs with proven and verifiable track records. This kind of school will teach students how to come up with great ideas, how to start and grow successful enterprises, and yes, how to get rich – how to make lots of money.

How to make money and/or getting rich is such an important subject that no school has any real course or teaching about it. People spend years and great financial resources to study every subject you can think of in the world but end up not learning zilch about the single most significant and encompassing thing about being a human being and living with other human beings in a world that is driven by vanities. The result? You have a grown ass man schooled in every way of a chosen field yet financially poor and miserable; people mortgaging their freedom and happiness for a piece of bread simply because the schools think money is an inappropriate subject in the classrooms.

It is high time, you don’t need a job. You need to learn how to create a job. They are two different things. The first makes you a slave to someone else. The second gives you freedom. Freedom and happiness are what life is about. Once you mortgage those two you are done.

Conclusion: so yes, as I said earlier, fire all the teachers; send every student back home to their parents; close down every school in every country. In short, do away entirely with the current education system. This is a very simple matter. But will it ever be done? Nope. Why? Because politicians ride on the back of unemployment problems to win elections promising all manner of elusive programs. And people still want to believe that a little piece of paper can make all their problems go away. Deja vu.

I need a bottle of coke…

Do you think that we need to scrap all our schools and start afresh? What do you think? Make your case in the comments section and I will cross examine it and post my response ASAP! I am not even a lawyer…this bottle of coke is doing something to my head. I should go back to sleep…

Stanley G. Jack

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