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Can Muhammadu Buhari Change your life?

These are troubled times in Nigeria; I swear! Terrible things are happening everywhere, everyday. War in the North East; fear of the Niger Delta militants rising up again and blowing up pipelines and oil facilities then crumbling the economy further is palpable amongst the Presidency; and the organization of the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) is suddenly raging in the South-East. The economy is in a dire funk – evil statistics and reports are flying up and down with no one really sure the extent of damage or what’s going to happen next. When you turn on the television or peruse the newspaper front pages, you are bombarded on every side with all manner of headlines that inspire only fear and despair.

In the boardrooms and at homes, uncertainty looms as news of revenue losses and downsizings stream in. On top of that add ‘open air’ – blatant government corruption or stealing as they now call it. Hunger/starvation, unemployment, the numbers are rising without any sign of abating. These are troubled times, indeed. Everywhere you look, people are duping other people out of desperation to get rich quick. Husbands are cheating on their wives and wives are reciprocating. We are over one hundred and seventy million Nigerians but you don’t know who to trust any more. That’s the country we live in, the times we live in.

The botched 2012 Nigeria Immigration Service job interview is still fresh in our memory. The Leadership.ng in an article published on the 16th of March 2014, titled “Immigration Recruitment Tragedy: 23 Feared Dead,” wrote that “…over 6.5m Nigerians who paid an application fee of N1, 000 each applied for 4,000 NIS vacant positions and were all made to sit for the exams at venues on the same day.” It was, unarguably the worst job interview ever in the history of the world. Pmnewsnigeria.com in another related article published on the 10 of February 2015, reads “According to the National Bureau of Statistics, at least 23.9% of Nigerians are currently unemployed (about 40 million).”

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As unemployment continues to rise, underemployment worsening, and fuel scarcity creating more hardship for the general population, suddenly some folks have begun to question the change mantra.

Can Mohammudu Buhari’s ‘change’ change your life?


“FACT-CHECK: Buhari, APC lied in disowning campaign document, “My Covenant With Nigerians,”” read the headline of a September 1, 2015 Premiumtimesng.com article.

According to that article “The claims by President Muhammadu Buhari and his party, the All Progressives Congress, that a key campaign document, “My Covenant With Nigerians” did not emerge from them is false and misleading, a PREMIUM TIMES investigation has shown.”

I want you to pay particular attention the following statement by Garba Shehu, as quoted by Premiumtimesng.com: “As a consequence of these publications, expectations have been raised unreasonably, that as President, Mohammudu Buhari will wave his hand and all the problems that the country faces- insecurity, corruption, unemployment, poor infrastructure – would go away.”

Bad news is good news

Let me offer you a brutal truth: unemployment, downsizings, devaluation, rape, terrorism, kidnapping, corruption…none of these problems will ever go away. In fact, they will continue to expand or re-emerge in newer and deadlier forms. Of course that is bad news for some people. But it is good news for entrepreneurs.

How do you mean Stanley, you ask?

Here is my answer: the biggest issues or problems of our society turn out to be great opportunities for entrepreneurs who know what they are doing. In other words, entrepreneurs provide solutions to problems and become greatly rewarded for their efforts. Everyone else wishes and prays for problems to go away. Entrepreneurs pray for ideas/solutions to today’s problems. In fact, entrepreneurs anticipate future problems that they can solve.  In these troubled times that we are in, the question that you should be asking is not whether President Mohammudu Buhari can change your life, but what are you going to do to retake control of your life. What are you going to do?

Re-take Control Of Your Life: Why You Must Become An Entrepreneur


Everything going on in the country and around the world are there to distract you from the business of taking control of your life. One way to retake that control is putting on the mindset of or looking at the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur.


Becoming an entrepreneur means taking the utmost initiative and responsibility to create the very life of your dreams instead of waiting on an employer or the government to do it for you, because that ain’t gonna happen.


Becoming an entrepreneur means taking back your dignity. You do not want people or reports to continue to push you around as if you do not know what to do. You want your dignity back. You want to take control and be in charge of your own life. Why should anyone continue to bully you around? You want freedom and that freedom you should get. That is why in these troubled times, the right thing to do is become an entrepreneur. That awesome life you dream of, no one is going to help you live it.



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