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Books contain the money you are looking for

What book did you read last month? What title are you reading right now? Books contain wealth of resources – mind blowing ideas, knowledge and resources you need for life and business. For every challenge you could ever be facing, there is the answer in a book somewhere in the world. Why? Because nothing is new on earth; your situation may have been faced by someone else and documented in a book so that others can learn and not repeat the same mistakes. But will you find that book that stores the answers to your questions? That is the big question. Ride with me, let me explain how books have the money and the answers that you are looking for.

Let me define what I mean by book. Book here means a written, printed and published pages of information contained in any format. Book here could be hard copies, soft copies, videos, magazines, newspapers (On line or off line), internet and other electronic format.

The access to information our generation has now is greater than was (combined) in generations past – knowledge stacks up. For a second look imagine it this way: a mobile phone in your hand with internet access is bigger than the access to information professors in other generation had. Let me explain.

  1. Applied Knowledge that you can act upon is money

There is much information available now on pages of books, libraries and internet. There is nothing you want to do that the knowledge is not easily available. However, what is not available is processed and accurate knowledge that you have to apply.

What you need is a table, a chair, a pen, a note pad and a book to succeed.

You don’t need any other thing. You have to sit down and search for the information you need at a particular time. You have to ponder on it. You have to develop or tailor it to suit your particular need. Then, you have to apply it in your life or business. That could make all the difference that will change you for good.


  1. Everything you need to start and live successfully are in books

The world has documented and organized knowledge like never before. Google is your friend. Your business ideas, industry information, organization and management, marketing, production, financing, strategies and risks are all documented.

  1. Read biographies of your heroes in your area of business 

What did they do right that you can learn and apply in your case?

Dr. David  Oyedepo,  President and Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners Chapel International, with a network of churches across all Nigeria and over 60 other nations that spread across five major continents of the world, studied thirty nine (39) great ministries before establishing Living Faith Church. He also read and studied nine great universities before stating Covenant University. Today his success is huge. You just have to read and study people.


  1. You are the books that have not yet been published

The world is waiting to read and study your own story. You have to write it and publish it. I have motivated people to read, write and share their stories, inspiration and experiences with other people. This is what I am doing right now, I am writing my own story. I have not seen any great man who does not read and write what he/she wants to do, what he/she has done. Great leaders are readers and writers.

Conclusion: Everything you need to do well in life is available – well, if you will only just open that little book. It is only you that must be hands on in your life or business to succeed.

I am, Kenechi Nwogwugwu

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