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Why do guys use me just for sex?

I was strolling down my street at about 5:30 PM on Thursday and, all I could think of was the chat I had had earlier in the morning with my friend, Laurel. I have never had such chats with any female that made me really feel this down and thoughtful. I know you all are itching to hear what it was all about.

I woke up at 6:AM checked my phone (yeah, Phone first.. we all do this), I saw one BBM message, several Whatsapp messages, Facebook and twitter notifications. I didn’t care to open the messages; I got up and went in for Morning prayers with the family. After the Prayers, I went back to my phone, I read (and replied where necessary) all messages except that BBM message. Oh, I thought ‘it’s that girl I owe some money’ (unlooks)…. I did not remember to check the message till I got a call from Laurel.

“Babe why won’t you check your BBM, I know you can’t be offline by this time. Please check, I need to talk”, she said.

Immediately, I had to check the message because knowing Laurel, she would not pick up her phone and call you about ‘BBM messages’ if it’s not DEAD important.

“Why Always Me?” “Does this happen to you too?”

Laurel had flooded my BBM with long tales of just one issue: boys and sex.

“Why do guys use me for just sex? Don’t I worth more than that?”

For five minutes, I could not find any reply for my friend, Laurel. I just went blank there. I mean, “Laurel ‘a whole you’?” was all I wanted to say but I knew that would totally be unnecessary.

Laurel is beautiful, kind, caring, loving, very intelligent and down to earth. She’s the kind of woman that make her friends (yes, including me) go “Na wa oo, only you” because whenever we go out, my dear just know that no guy will notice you without noticing Her FIRST!  The more reason I was so shocked at her lament this morning.

At last, I surmounted the courage to ask “What do you mean by that madam? If anybody should complain about this kind of things, certainly shouldn’t be you. What guy in his right senses will not want to wife you?”

She said she is confused because she has never had any serious relationship (she’s in her late Twenties by the way), she went on and on explaining how different guys have not wanted anything more than sex even the ones she fell in Love with, they will pretend for a while and then leave.

Please what is wrong with being Beautiful and kind? Why do some people never attract men who want more than sex?

What is it about this “sex” that guys (girls too, I heard) make it a priority?!!

sex sex sex

Don’t ask me if she can cook and pound yam, Laurel is one of the best cooks I know. Does she smile? A thousand times a day. Is she rude? No. Does she have bad sides? I’m sure you do too.

I knew I was not totally honest when I said to her “Don’t worry, you will meet a good guy that will cherish you and not just want you for your body” because sincerely speaking I don’t know where the good guys are.

I honestly do not even know why relationships these days are becoming more and more unreal with each passing day.

Let’s all hope love finds us and heals us if it still exists because I cannot understand why a guy will be asking another girl out on his wedding day. Edakun oga! Did they force u to marry? What do u want with this girl you are asking out now? Second wife? Already pre-planning your catalogue of mistresses?

Well, Story for another day!

*Drops Pen*  ‎

Lucia. she Tweets as @Hot_etCold

Do you have any experiences similar to that of my friend Laurel?

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