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5 Top Principles for Growth

Are you running a business and want to move to the next level? Whatever you do, growth is a necessity but, it does not happen by chance. Growth is intentional. Make no mistake about it. Growth is a result of the good understanding and application of revealed principles and means of success, already practiced by others.

You can grow in anything you are doing. If you find yourself not experiencing growth in your work, business or life, check your application or strategies. Whatever is of value and of benefit to people does not fail. The principles of growth are:


What are you producing for the benefit of mankind? You have to be productive. You must produce something; don’t be idle. It does not matter what you are producing provided mankind will benefit from it. Great companies are good at producing goods and services; that’s why they are great.


The next principle is to multiply your products or services. In the first principle, just produce one and ensure it is highly beneficial to you and your neighbor.  That product and service you have produced, position it in such a way that more people can enjoy it; by you multiplying it. Once you do this, you are a huge success.


Another thing to do now is to reward people who have contributed so much in making your business successful. Reward your customers, and your employees (if any). Give back to the society.  Be friendly with the environment. Just because you are doing business does not mean you should destroy the earth. Don’t contribute to global warming or anything that will affect the stability of the earth in anyway. Rather, engage in activities to favour everything in the world, because no matter what you do, so many resources go out from the earth for your success. So many people worked for you. It’s time to give back. Begin to bless others. Bless your environment. This is very important. This will complete your circle of success. Give to humanity. Ensure that everybody around you feels your impact. This is why those rich men who understand this principle are philanthropists.


Don’t think that everything you do will succeed easily without opposition. There will be challenges, obstacles, but they are there for your good. You know the way they say that Police are your friends? Yeah, same way, challenges are your friends. Every challenge you face is telling you something about yourself or your business, always the truth. And you should listen. Jack Ma, the Executive Chairman of Alibaba gave this advice that every mistake is revenue. There will be serious challenges; some of them will almost want to cause you to give up. Overcome it and don’t allow that challenge to overcome you. If you are inspired by what you are doing, on your way to greatness don’t allow anything to stop you. Don’t stop yourself by yourself too. Persevere always till you win. In life, always, there will be personal and business battles and wars. You must win every one of your battles. Don’t allow circumstances to overwhelm you. Life is a race, run and win.


Finally, you have to dominate the market in your business.  Someone said that competition is for losers, domination is for winners. You want to be a winner and stay that way? Dominate. You have to work smart to take the largest market share. It will not happen overnight. It will take a lot of work and times. This is why you have to be patient. This is why you have to persevere.

In conclusion, you can grow your business if you do what you are supposed to do. Your business will grow and overwhelm you.

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  2. A country that does not produce goods and services for its citizens and exports to other country cannot become great. Depending on Oil and Gas in Nigeria as sole source of revenue must come to an end. #Budget2016


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