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A close look at Telecommunication in Nigeria

Due to falling crude oil prices and many other factors, the Oil and Gas industry which is the main industry every Nigerian graduate wants to be employed in has serious challenges now. Oil and Gas companies are retrenching their staff. The Nigerian telecommunication industry, on the other hand is experiencing exponential growth.

I watched with keen interest how the telecommunication industry has grown over the years from the poor situation of things when Nigeria had only a few connected phone lines, to over one hundred million connected lines; it is simply amazing.


Twenty years ago, seventy percent of Nigerians had not heard a phone ring, they had not even used one, but today more than seventy percent of Nigerians own a cell phone.

Today, Internet communication has become bigger than television and radio put together. Over 80 million Nigerians are connected to the internet and are regular users. This is a good market for entrepreneurs to explore.

What gets me thinking however is, what do you think the huge population of over eighty million Nigerians, most of them young adults, would spend their time and data searching for online? Have you thought about it? What ever they may be searching for, can their needs be met by data and content providers?

It makes me think again, this (Nigeria) is a huge market.

As an entrepreneur, I see tens of millions of people hungry for information to make their lives and work better and simpler. I see people who want their voices to be heard by the whole world. I see people who want to express their joy and happiness in the aided by social media. I see people who work very hard and smart, produce powerful content and share with friends all over the world. This is all made possible by the telecommunication industry in Nigeria. Nigerian youth are finding their voice. They are realizing that power has been in their hands all along; now they learning how and when to use such power.

The telecommunications industry holds greater potentials. The industry will only grow bigger holding even greater opportunities Nigeria and smart Nigerians.

Don’t be left behind.

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  1. For those who are asking, what business to do? Look at this huge market in tech and do something. Only bear in mind that change happens all the time. To over come challenges, you have to be updated at all times. Study and research for new trends and follow.


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