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Money is beyond physical Cash

Have you closely looked at the meaning of money? You have to take your time and look at the meaning of this most important word called Money. A common answer to meaning of money is what one uses to buy things and enjoy life. This is a vague answer. And this explains why some people are broke and steal other people’s money. People spend their whole life on earth working for money without knowing its meaning and what it actually stands for.

Let’s look at the dictionary meaning of Money. Money is defined in many ways but let’s take this meaning.  Money means current medium of exchange in the form of coins and banknotes. We can re-define money as current medium of exchange in form of products and services and no more coins and bank notes. Money is a medium of exchange. Money is not cash; it is a medium of exchange of values, and therefore a medium of exchange which can be used for the payment for goods and services. The stand out word is ‘exchange’. So the question for anyone who wants to make a lot of money is, what are you exchanging for money?

See:  What do you know and what can you do?

What do you have to give to humanity? You have a lot inside you. The world wants to enjoy what you have on the inside. Bring it out and let them pay you for it.

Money speaks of value.

What are you worth? What is the value of your time? What is the value of the time you spend at work? What is the value of your presence in a place at a time.  Cash is what you get; it doesn’t say something about your value or personality. That’s why when a man steals money, he reduces himself. The money you have is not that which you use to make payment. Your actual value is how much you are worth as a person. This is why I always encourage people to add value to themselves. It is important to do so because when you add value to yourself, the time you spend at work will have more value, and others will be willing to pay for it. Let the investment you make in yourself be an agent of positive change. Your value is more important than the cash at hand. This is why you should work on improving yourself to increase your value.

Money is values that you create

Money is values that you create, values that you have, values that you can exchange and transfer and values that you can sell. It is also values that you provide which nobody sees. Money is helping people around you, those advice that you offered that worked, those children which God has blessed you with, those truth you stand for, those good things people know you for.

Imagine a world where there is another means of exchange that is not coins and banknotes. Imagine a computer system that is perfect for exchange of value in this present time. When the computer system values the time you put in at work, the value you create in your business and everything you do what do you think it’s going to record? Is it going to match with the value of what you need? Would you want to exchange this and have nothing left for you until you produce another value? If you reduce your need, you will have some to save. This is the choice we make every day. This system measures your real worth, no cheating.

Coins and banknotes are not a perfect measure of value but the best in practice. Money is beyond the physical cash you see. Look away from it and pursue the real thing. The real money is inside you. The world is waiting for you. They have to see the real you. Don’t allow that store of wealth inside to perish. Bring it out and sell it to everybody.


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