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PORT HARCOURT – Yesterday (Sunday 8/11/2015) we reported that a soldier killed a bus driver in Port Harcourt. Here are a few updates:

This morning, bus drivers association (National Union of Road Transport Workers –NURTW) have refused to carry passengers plying the Rumuokoro-Mile 3 axis in protest of the killing by a soldier of one of their members. They are demanding that the soldier be produced for prosecution. Some bus drivers who attempted to boycott the protest had their wind-shields smashed by their union members who were visibly angry.

Passengers, including market women and students were seen trekking to and from market, school and work. Some of the market women seen trekking had luggage on their head.

Stranded passengers




There have been different versions of accounts of what may actually have transpired between the soldier and the bus driver.

One person we spoke to this morning who claimed to have witnessed the incident said “The bus driver was wrong. But the soldier was wrong in killing too. The driver was actually driving ‘one-way’ when he was stopped and instructed by soldiers to turn back. He did turn back. But then the soldiers also ordered him to off-load his passengers. He had a full load so he refused and attempted to speed away. That was when the soldier shot him and he died.” In our earlier report we had stated another ‘eye-witness’ account which claimed the soldier was knocked down by the bus driver. “The part that said that the bus driver knocked down the soldier is not true,” said the witness we spoke with this morning.

This is the second time that a bus driver plying the same route would be shot and killed by law enforcement. The first was by a police officer. This time it was a soldier.

As at the time of filing this report, soldiers have been stationed at Rumuokoro, Agip Junction and Mile 3 motor park. This reporter could not take pictures for fear of incurring their wrath.

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