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10 reasons why people equals money

Have you ever wondered why money eludes some people in spite of how hard they seem to pursue it? Maybe they are doing it the wrong way. Kenechi Nwogwugwu shares how he thinks you can make all the money that you would ever want: people.

There are many ways to explain this.

  1. The money you are looking for is in people’s pockets and accounts.

Have you ever seen money walking on the street? People walk with money in their pockets or money kept in their bank accounts. When you want their money, solve their challenges, meet their needs and win their souls. They will come running to give you their money.

  1. Solve human needs.

Money exist for people and people for money. We all have challenges and problems that needs to be solved. For example, I look on the streets and gutters in some places in Nigeria and see how dirty they are. This and many problems are stirring at our faces everywhere. Somebody can solve these problems and make money. The question is will that be you?

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  1. Good entrepreneurs are making money from you

Everybody wants to take that money in your pocket or bank account. They want you to buy this or that. It is good, but take more than they are talking from you. Even your banks where you keep your money are developing fantastic products for you to spend your money on them.

  1. Put smiles on the faces of people.

I watched a lot of testimonies of entrepreneurs, how they derive happiness in putting smiles on people faces. This is why their customers continue to come because they are satisfied. They are making a lot of money. Don’t be deceived by the economy is bad, these are hard time. This is the best time to make money.


  1. Whatever you do, do it for the benefit of many people.

This is common sense. If people will not benefit from it, no need. Make sure that a lot of people will benefit. This is where that success you are looking for lies. The phones and computers you are using right now is produced to be used by a lot of people all over the world. Which of your product is being used by your next door neighbor?

  1. Get things done for people.

We have talked too much. This is time to do what we said we will do. Work the plan, and plan the work. People who succeed in life are doers and not talkers. Anything successful people cannot do, they leave it to the philosophers and talkers.

  1. Don’t waste resources, invest on people

I have always said that if a gold house has no human being living inside, the house will degrade and spoil. I have witnessed houses without a living soul in the village where I grew up spoil. We waste resources some times. These resources should be invested on people. These investments on people will in turn produce more resources.

  1. Don’t pray for money, pray for people.

We have prayed too much for money and yet we are still looking for it. Prayer is good, but don’t pray for money, pray for grace for money. Pray for people who will in turn be blessed and they will give you their money for their problems you solved.

  1. Don’t quarrel with people.

See everybody around you as customers. There is a popular saying that customers are always right. Treat people well. Every body around you are potential customer or agent who will bring customers to you. So quarreling with people will make you to loose a lot of customers.

  1. Look for your customers

I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that money is people. Look for the people. Stop looking for money. When you find the people, you will find money.

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