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How relevant are numbers in communication?

  1. Without numbers, no communication.

For example, in telecommunication, every cell phone is assigned a number like your phone number. Today, it is possible for everybody in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large to have a unique numbers assigned to their phones. With this numbers we can communicate. I can dial your number, and your phone will ring, and if you pick the call, we can talk.

  1. Numbers are assigned to computers as to telephones

Computers in the world communicate with each other using numbers. This number is called IP (Internet Protocol) address. With IP address, computers and phones assess the internet. Without this number, it is impossible for any device in terms of phones and computers to be connected.

  1. Numbers can be assigned to not only phones and computers but also to all other electronic devices

Television, radio, fans, air conditioner, just to name a few. When they are assigned with a number, they become smart like your smart television. So you can have smart radio, smart fan, smart air conditioner and so on. These smart electronic gadgets have been assigned with an IP address. With an IP address your gadget is powered and connected, meaning it can communicate and be communicated with anywhere in the world.

  1. Numbers assigned to non-living things

You can give your door, shoe, foot mart, table, chair, bed, bag, car, etc a number. Every non-living thing can be given a number for communication. You could just provide power to the non-living thing, assign a number, boom, communication is possible with others of the same or different categories anywhere in the world provided they are powered on and connected.

You might ask at this point, won’t this number be exhausted? There are two types of IP addressing system, IPV4 and IPV6. With IPV4, this numbers can exhausted, but with IPV6, numbers they cannot. Of course, numbers extends to infinity.

 5. Numbers can also be assigned to all living things

All you have to do here is just encode the number to the living thing and connect it to the internet grid and it can communicate and be communicated with. There is no need to power this category; they are generating power already in their body. The power in living things can just be transformed from chemical to electrical energy.

  1. Numbers assigned to every human being in the world

Every human being in the world, both now living and yet unborn can be assigned a number. The technology will encode it in the human being. With it, your name will no longer be Emeka, but 007.

The relevance of numbers in communication cannot be neglected and over emphasized. The study and understanding of numbers is very important. It is highly possible for everything to be connected in the infonet. Infonet is another word I often choose to use in place of internet because internet is about the connection of Computers all over the world. Soon it will no longer be only computers that will be connected but everything, including human beings.

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  4. A child who is good in numbers should be thought the important of numbers. They can learn coding at younger age. It is vert important at this age.


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