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Nigerian politics is all about interest

Politics is defined as the Art and Science of government. An outstanding phrase that touched me in this definition is Art and Science. Art means a human creative skill or its application. Science means systematic and formulated knowledge. Nigerian Politics is therefore defined as Nigerian creative skill acquired as a result of systematic and formulated knowledge of government.

I observed that Politics in Nigeria is all about interest. Interest is the systematic and formulated knowledge of government in Nigeria. The question is whose interest?

  1. Is it the interest of the politicians themselves which is very negligible percentage of Nigerian population?
  2. Is it the interest of the families, relations, communities, state and tribe of the politicians?
  3. Is it the interest of the parties which the politicians belong?
  4. Is it the interest of those few millions of the population who voted for the politicians?
  5. Is it the interest of the majority of the population?

You can help me to answer these questions because I have been meditating on them any time I read and watch Nigerian news. The challenge I noticed is that we consider these interests from 1 to 5 instead of 5 to 1. I said WE because everybody is involved. The government is me and you and not them.

Let us compare Politics with sports. Yes sports, because sports have gotten it right. If you want to succeed in any area of your field, learn from sports. In Political Sports;

  1. We have two (2) teams playing: ruling and opposition parties.
  2. There are officials of the game: the rule of law (Constitution)
  3. Each team has complete team: full representation of every Nigerian in their political field. Half representation, your team will not be allowed to play, let alone winning. How can you have political parties that have incomplete players and they are playing? This is why they will never win.
  4. There is a ball they will play: the people (Government)
  5. The fans are watching and hailing the best team: Nigerians
  6. They play to win: the results (Dividend of Democracy)
  7. You don’t play exchanging words to your opponent; you talk to your team player: If they talk like what we have in Nigeria, (opposition and governing party exchanging word in the media) they are in the same team. I don’t care about the name of the teams. They want to pass the ball to each other; they are not playing to win.
  8. They train so hard and smart, it’s not easy ooo: Its service to humanity and not enjoyment. Did I write enjoyment? What did you want me to mention? Corruption?
  9. There is time for the march, it’s not forever: 4 years.
  10. There is boundary, the pitch: Nigeria (It’s not abroad)
  11. What is the purpose of the march? Charity? Interest of the majority.
  12. Etc


Many Nigerians are students of politics. They read politics on social media, print media and all other forms of media. Thanks to the contribution of social media in balancing the news. The trends now are as follows.

  1. Every Nigerian is one man media with his or her phone.
  2. Every Nigerian is a voice to be heard.
  3. Don’t ignore the power of this united, informed and powerful Nigerians.
  4. It is not like before.
  5. You can play politics with anything, but not with Nigerians.

Let us pray for our leaders, help them in any way we can. They need our support. God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria. Please Share this article with the share buttons of facebook, twitter and google+ on this page and let every Nigerian read it. #NigeriaMustChange, #NigerianPoliticalsport

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