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BlackBerry may stop production in 2016

The Canadian phone maker Blackberry Limited, which once ruled the smart phone world may stop producing smartphones from 2016.

According to its CEO, Mr. John Chen, except the company can turn a nice profit next year, then it may decide to call it quits.

Not long ago, Blackberry in a desperate bid to sustain its business launched an android device called Priv. It is now banking on Priv to work the magic of regaining its long lost market share.

In the second quarter of this 2015, Blackberry lost a huge 47% market share to rivals. It was only able to sell a little over 800,000 devices. The company is expected, according to its CEO, to sell 5 million smart phones per year to stay in business. In 2010, Blackberry sold 47.4 million devices. So what happened?

Can we say that the global success of the iPhone and android OS killed the popularity of Blackberry? Could that be why Blackberry is embracing android to save it with the launch of Blackberry Priv?

Many people around the world expected Blackberry to die a natural death long ago. Maybe it’s time to finally take it off the life support system that its been on. 2016 sales report will determine that.

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