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4 reasons why women cheat

Have you ever been cheated on? How did it make you feel? That men cheat is considered de riguer or normal these days. But what about women? Oh, yes, women cheat too. While we in no way endorse cheating in any form, and we believe in gender equality in all ramifications, this post details some of the reasons why women cheat.


Ask any man today about his opinion of women and I bet you among his first five, if not the very first, you will hear “women love money/wealth”.  Yes, it is common knowledge that women love the fine, glittery things of life – humans are generally insatiable. Greedy men use the phrase “you get tired of eating the same food everyday” to justify their acts, greedy women say ” ‎I will rather cry inside Ferrari than laugh on empty stomach”. When a Woman is greedy, she lusts after so many flashy things which other women have and when her man cannot give her these things, her greed will definitely push her outside to seek greener pastures from other men.


Women tend to hold words to heart. Like they say, “women are deceived by what they hear” and unfortunately some men have a lot of flattery to offer when wooing a woman; anything to make her say yes even if they never intend to keep up with the whole act when she finally agrees. In fact, only very few men keep on doing all they said during the “wooing stage”  Now, when the guy stops doing all the “wooing stage” act with his woman, she longs for it and when she gets tired of complaining to him, she takes her “talks/pleas” outside to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, that’s the brother who has been waiting patiently in her friendzone.


This is quite simple. When a woman’s trust has been broken too many times by different guys, it becomes difficult to fully trust and accept just one man so she is likely to put some other guys by the side even when she is dating a man she really likes. She does this mostly to avoid being hurt again.


When a woman is in a relationship with a man whose sex game is – well, not up to par, especially if she is the adventurous type with dossiers of experience, it is likely she will stray. This is worsened when her friends keep giving her stories of all the sexcapades they are having with their men and she is tired of inventing fake stories. On the contrary, some women are not very adventurous and a very randy man with a sexual activity rate of 100/100 can be scary for such a woman and cause her to look for a less sexual and mroe emotional relationship.

So what do you think? Are there any reasons women cheat that I did not mention – or do you have a personal instance or story you want to share? Please do not hesitate to add in the comments below.

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