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5 weird things you shouldn’t be doing while having sex

Sex is a pleasurable experience that everyone ought to have – when of age and with the right partners of course. However, just like with practically everything on Earth, there is the right way to go about it and the really messed up way that can ruin everything and cause World War 3. We scoured the internet and interviewed dozens of people and came up with 5 things you really should not be doing if you want to have the best sexual experience with your partner.

Don’t die!

Sounds funny but it’s true. The French call this la mort d’amour or simply dying inside love. Surely, you must have heard of several cases where a man or lady died while having sex right? In fact according to Wikipedia, death during consensual sex accounts for at least 0.6% of all sudden deaths! See, not as far-fetched as you thought right? OUr number one advice when having sex is, don’t die please.

“Baby, is it in?”

This one is especially for the ladies. Believe me, there are only like 5 things [we checked] worse in the entire universe than asking “Is it in?”. Here is why: first of all, it bruises the hardworking brother’s ego. Imagine, after all his training and preparations and then you ask him that question, talk about deflating. Also, this might not bode well for you. Lots of guys would instantly believe – especially if they feel their uhm – ego – is sufficiently large enough, that the girl they are with is loose [pun intended]. Believe me, you do not want to have guys going around thinking that about you. If you are not sure it is in, well, get down there and help the brother place it in properly.

“I don’t know”

Someone said during sex we go back to out basic animal communication sounds of grunts, hisses, moans and cries. True, but we found out some people like to talk during sex. Why? Don’t ask me. If your partner is one of those talkers, the worst thing you could do is reply “I don’t know” especially if they are asking how good it is for you. It can be difficult answering questions during sex especially if you are inches in and completely filled out, but most of the time, your partner needs some reassurance of their work. Best solution, just moan.


What’s funny? Some couples enjoy laughter while having sex but a larger percentage of them would get irritated or even angry. While laughter is the best medicine, it’s certainly not an aphrodisiac. Save the stress and try not to laugh so your partner does not feel embarrassed or angry.

“Oh yes Jerry… I mean, Jane..”

This goes out to both the ladies and guys. Do NOT EVER mention another person’s name during sex! This is one of the worst things you could do during sex with a partner who loves and cares for you. A lot of relationships and marriages have ended because of gaffes like this. Not only is it super embarrassing, it kills the vibe and can completely murder the relationship. No matter how good the sex is, do not mention your ex’s name. If you are likely to do that, save the stress and go with our number one solution and just moan.

Don’t moan unneccesarily

This one again is for both the guys and ladies. Our partners love to hear us moan all through the entire sexual experience from foreplay all the way to the explosions at climax, but please cut it down so you’re not sounding like a horse being emasculated. When you moan too much and unnecessarily, it begins to sound like you are pretending and that is more likely to put your partner off faster than when you do not moan at all. Feel the pleasure of your partner’s body against yours and sigh and moan when he or she grinds against that spot. Don’t fake it.

So there they are, the five things you really should not be doing when having sex with a partner you care about. Did I miss out any, please include in the comments below.

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