Year: 2015

Pictures From: The Kalabari Masquerade Festival Reloaded

Meet the people of Buguma, how they celebrated this Christmas season in awesome, amazing and magnificent cultural display. The Kalabari kingdom spreads into 3 Local Government Areas (LGA), Asari-Toru, Akuku-Toru and Degema in River State. Buguma being the capital of Assari-Tolu Local Government Area lined up lots of activities for her people. And of course, was on ground to bring you all the photos for your enjoyment.

10 things to carry along when going to NYSC camp in Port Harcourt

If you have just received your call-up letter from your institution and you are being posted to Rivers state this post will come in very handy for you with the 10 most important things you need to carry along as you come for camp. Even if you are not posted to Rivers state, this post can still come in very handy. Below are the top 10 things you should have with you when you are going to NYSC camp in Port Harcourt.

Tips on how to survive as a Corper in Port Harcourt

So, you have recently been posted to Rivers state for your mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program and you are wondering what to do when you get in and how you will survive in the garden city, or you have just left the Orientation camp and you have heard the stories of how expensive Pitakwa is and you are wondering how you will survive on your pittance of an allowance.

Top 5 Schools in Port Harcourt

Are you looking for very good, affordable schools in Port Harcourt that have stamped and made success their watch word, then these top 5 schools in Pitakwa is what you are looking for. Good education is the foundation for success. Abraham Lincoln said ‘A capacity, and taste, for reading, gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others. It is the key, or one of the keys, to the already solved problems. It gives a relish, and facility, for successfully pursuing the (yet) unsolved ones’. Below is a list of the top schools in Port Harcourt selected for your kids and wards in no particular order. (Click here to pay for your copy of Good to Go and save your copy)

History: Top Important Facts about Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt is a city that means different things to different people – of course depending on individual experiences (or even ‘hear-say’). Here we bring you top 10 significant facts about a city that is unarguably the centre of the oil industry in Nigeria; a city that (according to former governor, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi) “…has remained the city that everyone who visits makes home.”

Surprise birthday party as Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel turns 60

It was laughter and fun-fare this afternoon as people turned out en masse to celebrate Big Daddy Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel as he turned 60… without his knowledge. Big Daddy was completely in the dark about the entire celebration until the moment he stepped into the hall and everyone screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”. Right from the very beginning, Pitakwa Times was in the loop as usual and of course, we were there to get all the photos and the whole scoop.

Port Harcourt turns up to Surprise Sir Awoye Bob-Manuel on his 60th birthday

It was merriment galore in Port Harcourt on Saturday 19th December as dignitaries, friends and family from all walks of life turned out to celebrate and surprise Sir Awoye Halden Bob-Manuel as he turned 60. Notable among the guests was the Honorable Dakuku Adol Peterside APC gubernatorial candidate for Rivers state and so many others. It was a surprise party like the invitations said, but that did not stop us at

How to avoid getting stuck in Port Harcourt traffic

Port Harcourt like any other metropolitan city in the world has many vehicles plying the road, leading to heavy traffic on the roads. Port Harcourt residents decry traffic congestion and can attribute it to many factors. Are you living or plan visiting Port Harcourt someday and you are wondering how to avoid getting stuck in traffic, here is information you need to know.